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Serpico’s still angry about police in Americaserpico featured

Only a few years ago, a cop who was in the same 81st Precinct I started in, Adrian Schoolcraft, was actually taken to a psych ward and handcuffed to a gurney for six days after he tried to complain about corruption – they [other cops] wanted him to keep to a quota of summonses, and he wasn’t complying. No one would have believed him except he hid a tape recorder in his room, and recorded them making their demands. Now he’s like me, an outcast.


43 years after he was shot at the scene of an arrest then left to die by his fellow officers, the now-78-year-old Frank Serpico is still refusing to keep schtum about the state of the police in the USA. In the article we’ve linked to above, Serpico discusses his wealth of knowledge on US policing over his lifetime and up to today, his status as a hero to some but persona non grata to others, and the six simple rules that could restore some lawfulness to US law enforcement.


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