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The TTIP of the iceberg

Another great episode of the Trews from Brand with George Monbiot.  TTIP, or the ‘Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’, is a trade agreement between the United States and European Union which could be finalised before the end of 2014.  It seeks to reduce regulation on corporations to a common set of regulations, and increases their power by creating a system of parallel courts run by trade lawyers which will sue governments for any action or regulation that limits their profitability.  These trade agreements put the corporation’s rights outside the control of the UK, outside the control of the EU, and with no accountability to the citizens of the countries involved.  Particularly concerning is the ‘harmonisation’ of food standards and health services with the US, which has much lower standards of both than the UK.  Oh, and once we have signed up, we can’t back out.

Sounds crazy right?!  That’s shamocracy.

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