Shamocracy Podcast Episode 4: Hong Kong Special

We’re in Hong Kong! In this episode we talk about the great (and not-so-great) things about the city, and how they tie in to the big picture of the climate talks going on in Paris at the moment. We’ve also got a short game of Headline or Headlie, which is happily actually audible this time. M goi, and enjoy.

Endangered Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong

Endangered pink dolphins in Hong Kong

Provision for the visually impaired is very good in Hong Kong

Provision for the visually impaired is very good

Roads in Hong Kong

Roads in Hong Kong often cross over each other, and are full of Teslas and taxis

The Hong Kong skyline from The Peak

The Hong Kong skyline from the peak

Air pollution in Hong Kong can get pretty bad

Air pollution in Hong Kong can get pretty bad


Shamocracy at SantaCon HK 2015

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About Nick Brook

For many years, I was, like many, apathetic towards politics. I knew it wasn't going in the right direction, but didn't really know what direction it should be going in, or how it could change. I wasn't aware of the full extent of the problems we face. I had better things to be worrying about.

This changed in 2014 as I left my full time job, supporting myself with freelance work. As the pressure of full-time work lifted my attitudes towards many things began to change. I learnt a lot more about politics and became disgusted with the way things are going.

While the information about what is happening is out there, and a number of mainstream sources cover it in real-time, there didn't seem to be many people taking a step back to cover things with a wider, longer term perspective, or publicising the less well-known blogs and articles.

Chatting to co-founder Brogan Morris in a pool in North Carolina, we realised we were equally frustrated with politics and our new-found awareness was compelling us to do something. As the links flew back and forth on social media, we knew it wasn't just us who needed to know about this stuff.

So we formed Shamocracy, a blog dedicated to uncovering and collating the less documented and deeply insidious politics that is happening behind closed doors in the shining glass towers of Western oligarchies.

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via Flickr

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